From the recording Non Sequitur


Away With Words

I have never had my way
away with words
Now I remember days
where I just felt insane
and loved the pain

You’re wasting eternity
Believing the worst in me
While the march of the days takes you farther away
Listen to me

Light floods, see again the sun
Light floods, bitterness undone

Grand designs release me from the mire
Let forgiveness guide us to the shore

Away with words
What we define loses its worth
Away with words
Old thoughts confine us
Away with words
Death of desire is rebirth
Away with words
Make peace with her

The balance can end the tragedy
The poison will pass without harm (You'll see)

Grow fallow fields once more
Grow fallow fields once more

Let the march of days take you far away
And the balance restore your harmony
An eternity spent in tragedy
Let the balance restore this memory.