From the recording Non Sequitur



Numb, twilight promenade
stumble in the rain
pitying the roll of the die I've thrown
On my own

This night, so silent, I fill with arias
to mourn the death of honor
and damn the murderers
I know your bargain
I don't accept the terms
Walk away

Strangle the sacred
all your crimes have gone unpunished
and I am the exile
made unclean by what I've seen
now who can purify me?

Gone - all the innocence I protected
mendacious viruses have killed them in their home

and I chase away the memory
always one drink at a time
in righteous rebellion
it's always just one drink at a time

Fight for the futile
I can't tell myself the lies I'd need to walk a step with you
I don't need your bribes, I'll just keep what is mine
just keep pretending that your choices here will come with no consequence

I played the fool, obeyed the rules
The theft of everything ensued
and once again, see empty hands
the price I pay for following my conscience

Heed the quiet heart
and refuse the concede
to the den of thieves
before they drag me under

At the bottom of their malice,
sunk down by ill-won prize,
I'll become the thing that I despise
If the odds are stacked against me
and I can only lose,
I'll still play my hand best I can
My own man
head held high and incorruptible

On my own