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Genuine truth is found through self-exploration. When we accept others' answers to our own deeply-rooted questions, we accept a stranger's dictation of what our lives should be. What they profess as guidance becomes, instead, shackles on our potential, and a method of control to serve their own purposes. Many schools of thought hint that they offer a better life, but we do well to be suspicious if they support their messages with threats and fear. No living person knows what happens after death. This is a certainty of the human condition. So anyone that promises to know, beyond doubt, exactly how we got here and where we're going, is selling dishonesty. And especially when they command that an unknowable afterlife guarantees us eternal torment and suffering if we do not obey their rules during our mortal lives, we should use our own judgement and deem these lessons as unhealthy fairy-tales, beaten unjustly into malleable heads and unaccepting of simple questions to their authority. These strictures lead people in circles and prevent them from knowing themselves and engaging in life with more agency and curiosity. Their followers chase their own tails and shrug uncaringly at the wild beauty of life and the power of our own conscious minds that make us so unique among the world's creatures. To break with these traditions and forge a new path is the way to a better future.