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Mankind is plagued by a duality. Part of us wants comfort and simplicity, while the other part seeks hungrily for greater understanding. Whichever part of us we indulge becomes our character. If we indulge our inner desire for easiness in life, our character becomes soft and mushy and can tend rapidly toward the natural sins of greed and ignorance. Soon, we can find ourselves lost to the world, perhaps not standing in its way, but certainly not guiding it actively toward goodness. This is the easier way, and its rewards are superficial and ultimately poisonous. But that other part of us can also be indulged. If we choose to nurture our hunger for understanding, we will tread a more difficult path. There is hardship in the search for knowledge. There is a certain level of pain and frustration that comes from doubt, but this is a growing pain. Just as a muscle cannot grow and become firm without strain, so can our minds not become strong and sure without the struggle to grasp new ideas. We are gifted with the chance to choose, and that choice determines which of these brothers we become – the petulant brother who never leaves the comfort of the castle, growing lazy and corrupt; or the brother who returns after many hard-won battles, older and wiser for his struggles.