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Memory of all my former lives Showing me what hides behind the eye Deity Hiding Within the Mind The Philosopher's Stone is an ancient legend of a certain powerful device capable of changing the physical properties of objects, mostly famously thought of as "turning lead into gold". It has been long rumored and sought by many wise men who desired either base wealth, or the chance to study this Stone and extract knowledge from it. Over time, the Philosopher's Stone became a silly myth to science, an impossibility. But the mythical properties of the stone reside, in some way, within us. Science laughs at the Stone, but it also can't explain our own minds to us. How does one take a thought, with no weight, no physical presence in the mind, and turn it into something real? How can an inventor conceive of something non-existent and bring it to life for all of us to share? We do not yet have this answer, but the more we look within ourselves the more the bizarre quality of our situation comes to light – the brain has named itself. The brain uses its own thinking abilities to wonder what it might be, if it simply works for itself or if it must conceive of something beyond its own borders, like the soul, to explain what is so far inexplicable. This weird property of the mass of tissue in our skulls gives it a kind of magic of its own, perhaps not so far removed from the Philosopher's Stone as we think. And the more the mind looks to itself, the more the clutter of thought is removed and untainted attention comes to the fore, showing us hidden experiences that awe to silence and invoke the creative powers.