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Who are we to follow? If no living person yet knows the truth of our mortal situation, are we doomed to toil in solitude, or can we work in common with each other? If we are to pick leaders, we are wise to choose ones who will not deceive us. A good leader empowers their people, rather than keeping them in the dark with promises of "I know what's best". A good leader embraces questions, rather than avoiding or punishing them as challenges to his authority. This way, we can see that power is shared to some degree in an enlightened community. Perhaps not everyone should lead the charge, but a good leader will help each individual feel that they are capable of doing so. If everyone feels the power to lead, they will also feel the responsibility of leading righteously. Then, they become good leaders of their own lives, empowered in the true sense to make good decisions and become the best version of what they desire to be – not idle, uninterested followers, but neither self-obsessed tyrants.