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When we are young, everyone chomps at the bit to teach us what they know. Our parents and teachers badger us to death to learn words and ideas so important for them to pass on. But these ideas work like viruses – they work for themselves and their own livelihood and reproduction, not ours. The idea is always clamoring to "get out", to be spoken or written so it can make another copy of itself - so it can reproduce. Just as some strains of virus can be beneficial to us and others can be so damaging, ideas can work to improve or destroy us. But the virus doesn't care about its host's well-being; we become only a breeding-ground. To be too attached to our ideas works against us in the long run. To clear the mind of these visitors shows us more of what "we" are – we are not our ideas. We are not what we have learned. "We" are something else, something that by its very nature defies description. But a clear, unattached mind sees a profound and beautiful truth that is lost on those who are too obsessed with definition, too greedy to say "I know" when the case may be that we can never know. It is up to us if we despair of this notion, or if we can embrace and make peace with it.