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The most difficult choice is the choice to do right. Temptation will come to us from all corners, in many forms: Temptation to be accepted by our peers, temptation to choose an easier evil over a difficult good, temptation to take more than what we need. Walking the better path requires traveling lightly, unfettered by some things we may feel right now that we need. Can we do without our possessions? Can we do without the people that started the journey with us? It is always circumstantial – if these people and things still resonate with the goodness and truth we desire, then there is no burden to them. But some of these people may change, and some of these things may become obsolete to us. Then, they begin to weigh us down. When we make the hard choice to unshoulder these unnecessary weights, we feel the pain of loss. But time will tell. As we travel further down the good path, that feeling of loss turns to lightness, and if we could look behind us, we would see how their turn for the worse has misled them, and in the end, that old feeling of loss will turn to a feeling of our good fortune to not be misled along with them.