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Life is filled with adventure. But every good adventure contains elements of peril. To find our limits, we must test them, and they are only properly tested by things that may get the better of us. In those testing moments, doubt is inevitable – We'll doubt our abilities, we'll doubt the outcome and fear for our future. But that itself is the test. Remember that our choices are ours alone. If we are overwhelmed by doubt, then that is the choice we have made and we will obtain the matching results. But we can also choose to conquer that doubt, to believe in ourselves, and that choice endows us with a strength that can exceed our own expectations. If we choose this way, and pass our tests, then suddenly we realize that we are even more capable than we first imagined. Now, what we used to think was our limit is shattered completely, and the cycle starts again at a higher level. Where doubt is conquered and limits are surpassed, even greater adventures await.