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All fear stems from the fear of death. When we are afraid to fail, it's because we feel our own pseudo-death in our failure. When we're afraid of what we may lose, we project our death onto this thing that may be lost. It is encoded into our very genes, written into us on a microscopic level, that we must struggle and fight to live with everything we have. It is life's most fundamental compulsion. Our great test in life is to come to terms with our own mortality. Perhaps we die before we find what we seek. Perhaps our time feels too short on Earth, among the ones we love and the things we enjoy. But to avoid this unavoidable fact devalues the lives we live. If we do not accept the limits of our time here, how can we say that we truly embrace life? How can we say we truly love, truly witness our chance circumstance of life, this thing that appears so impossible in the big picture? In acceptance of death, we find the preciousness of our time and we feel the gravity and importance of even our smallest decisions. In a crazy way, a good life cannot be lived until we feel the Reaper's patient eyes on our back, waiting for his moment to introduce himself and carry us on.